Email marketing

Email marketing

Promote your brand and grow your business with new and personalized designs for your emails. We create your campaign and personalize the content for the right target group. Do you choose an existing template or a new one that has been created for you “from scratch”? Our experts are happy to help you!

What is e-mail marketing?

”Email marketing” is a form of direct marketing that uses email to send commercial or specific messages to a target group. ” In principle, any email sent to a current or potential customer can be seen as email mail marketing.

But there is a little difference. When we talk about email marketing, it’s about increasing the relationship between old and current customers. Also, the purpose of email marketing is to acquire new customers or to convince old customers to return to business.

The benefits of email marketing


  • It’s cheap. The advertiser does not have to pay for production, paper, printing or shipping.
  • It is fast in nature. An email arrives in seconds or minutes.
  • It allows the advertiser to “push” his message directly to his target audience.
  • It is easy to trace.
  • An advertiser can track rejected mails, positive or negative response, clicks through and growth in sales.
  • Email marketing is a success when done properly.
  • Certain types of interaction with messages can cause other messages to be delivered automatically.

Email marketing with

Our specialists can devise and develop a successful email marketing strategy for your company. We use the software: Sendinblue and create advanced email campaigns within this system. Our experts make the artwork designs for the email campaign, you’re looking for. We are happy to help you set up an e-mail campaign and develop a template that matches your corporate identity, that suits your wishes and your vision.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment via the website.

Results from Email marketing

You can easily measure the results of email marketing. You can see exactly who opened your email, when and how often. This is also called the open ratio. The better your target audience is, the greater the chance that your email will be opened. With the click through rate, you can see exactly how often the items that you have highlighted in your newsletter have been clicked through. With email marketing you have all the information about your target group to set up a successful campaign.


It is important that the customer does not see your emails as spam. So, don’t send too many emails to a customer. It is very wise to use opt-in or double opt-in. This means that you as a company have obtained permission to email your customers and target group. Doubble opt-in is an additional confirmation of the customer’s registration after they have signed up. Our experts are there for you to apply these functions. We make sure that the customer is interested in your company so that the email campaign is effective.

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