Brand Design & Strategy

Brand design & Strategy

From re-branding an existing brand to bringing a new brand on the market there is nothing too crazy for us. At IA Group marketing we will work for you to make all your wishes come true in the field of brand design. We do so by starting with researching and developing the positioning of your target group, determining the identity of your brand and creating a distinctive capability. After this we will start to draw up a marketing strategy plan.

Brand design makes a brand even more meaningful.

What is brand design?

Your brand strategy is a detailed plan that outlines exactly what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to achieve it. It is comprised of your: Brand Heart (purpose, vision, mission, values) Brand Messaging (brand voice, personality, tagline, value prop, brand messaging pillars)

Forming brands

The first step in the Brand-Design process is to capture the brand inside your company. The inside consists of the DNA of your brand, so how is it built up? Supplemented with the ‘soul’ of the brand and what it stands for and how it behaves?

Shaping brands

The second part of the Brand-Design process is the most visible and tangible. This is where the visual language is designed, the brand appearance. This visual language includes a brand logo, color scheme, typography, texts, form, material, layout and visuals. Visual language is therefore partly tangible, partly only ‘tactile’. The inner becomes reflected in the appearance.

Turn your customers into fans

Show your appreciation to every customer (fan)
Everyone wants to be recognized and respected, the idea that you are special gives a nice feeling. For brands it’s also becoming more and more important to show their customers or fans that they’re more than just another customer. Once in a while, show your appreciation to your fans and loyal followers. And importantly, don’t expect anything in return. Success begins with giving!

A soccer club is nothing without a proud clubhouse. The same goes for brands. Create places where fans can experience your brand in a valuable way, whether it’s a store, an online platform, your headquarters or your own event. You manage your clubhouse and your fans bring it to life.

The future of your brand lies in your fans. Differences between products and services are getting smaller and the difference in brand character and values is what remains. So be a brand people want to be a part of! What they want to contribute to. What do you have to offer your fans?

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